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Golf Training Simulator

A golf simulator is a system that creates a golf course environment while making use of projections or digital graphics. Golf simulators are vital to golfers since they allow them to play golf indoors irrespective of the weather conditions. The golf simulators use efficient camera technology; typically high-speed cameras which helps you capture the swing path, ball flight, and impact.

Virtual range

This is a structure where golfers hit the balls. Our virtual driving range has four holes, namely: Belfry Brabazon, Warwick Hills, Carnoustie links, and Monterey Bay. While playing, updates are made on the analysis pane whenever there is a shot.

The analysis pane is usually placed on the screen's left side. All updates made on the analysis pane must include the distance, roll, carry, clubface angle, vertical and horizontal launch angle, side spin, and backspin.

Virtual chip

This software enhances shot performers by allowing golfers to practice both short iron and mid-iron shots. It has four holes namely: Turbberry Alisa, Celtic manor, Emirates Majlis and Doral Blue. This software enables players to adjust playing conditions to rainy, bright, and cloudy and also adjust the wind to either gusty or fine.

To start playing, you have to choose a club then select the position from which you want to play. After playing, you can then check your reviews on the screen, including ball speed, face angle, swing path, backspin, sidespin, face angle, roll, and pin.

Virtual putt

The virtual putt is the most accurate since it gives players high precision and detailed representation. It also has four holes, including Kingsbarns, Cog hill, Old head, and Innisbrook copperhead.

Short game academy

In this, you can practice a variety of shots, that is; flop shots, chip shots, bunker shots, run shots, and full pitch shots. The short game academy is usually 90 yards wide and 143 yards long irrespective of whether the shots are being played on a semi-rough, fairway, rough or long grass. Additionally, it allows you to choose from five-pin positions.