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Racing Car Simulator

racing tracks in the world based, combining racing simulation with the fun of racing. The Live track 3.0 software allows the driver to drive the vehicle in all the four seasons including winter with heavy snowfall, ice, changing the ambient temperature, time of the year.

The temperature of the track will vary depending on the position of the sun. Due to the force of gravity, rainwater will flow down the hills and accumulate in puddles. Hence the grip required for every lap and every race will vary, ensuring that the driver has fun every time.

Choose from 35 premium brand vehicles,
and 29 motorsport series.

Added to the top of the line realistic graphics and simulated controls that vary by weather, you have the most realistic, high-action driving simulation in the market.

Project CARS 2: The ultimate driver journey

Coming in hot on the heels of Project CARS 1 and a long line of excellent top-end driving simulation games, Project CARS 2 features five unique motorsport disciplines.

F1 Simulator bar
Driving Simulation
F1 Driving Simulation Bar

Experience realistic controls

You are in control, and will be challenged! The game creates accurate weather and track conditions that affect the game play and the way the car drives. From skidding, sideways swoops, to slips in the ice, you get to experience the entire exhilarating realistic driving adventure with intuitive wheel-to-wheel racing that builds your confidence in handling control, you'll enjoy the thrill of being in the driver's seat.

Please note:  There is a height restriction for the F1 cars. Drivers must be a minimum of 5ft or 12 years old.

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